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Targeting surface membrane proteins of Extracellular Vesicles

Characterization Panels

In the ever growing demand for novel diagnostic markers for disease detection and prognosis, extracellular vesicles have emerged as potential targets. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) have been implicated in numerous biological processes and they may serve as important biomarkers. The ability to characterize membrane surface proteins from individual extracellular vesicles is instrumental in many areas of research, and would aid in advancing the use of EVs detection as disease biomarkers.

Vesicode's panels for proteomic profiling enables more accurate detection, high-multiplex immunoassay that does not compromise on either data quality or performance. This allows researchers to better understand extracellular vesicle (EVs) formation, function, disease processes, improved disease, and contributes to a better understanding of the overall biology of EVs. Achieving this requires casting a wide net, with studies that examine a varied number of surface membrane associated proteins present on many different types of EVs, in large number of samples. Vesicode enables this today by providing an ever-expanding range of panels for high quality proteomic profiling of EVs.

Our panels offers

  • High Quality data – exceptional readout specificity from our Proximity Barcoding Assay technology – effective QC tools built in to our assays.
  • High throughput your research needs – 100+ proteins measured simultaneously with 96 samples in one panel.
  • Most effective use of your sample – only 1-2 μL samples consumed per panel – a wide range of biological sample types addressed.
  • Services to meet your needs – let our experts at Vesicode to run the assay with our guaranteed quality and professionalism.

Each panel provided by Vesicode is focused on the proteomic profiling of EVs, whether in relation to a specific disease or general profiling. Currently, one panel has been developed and will be available for our customers soon:

Surface Marker
Characterization Panel
Targets putative membrane related proteins
present on the EVs.

The selection of the markers in each panel is designed to provide a highly specific assay, as well as to focus on proteins known to be prevalent on the surface membrane of EVs. The 100+ proteins in the panels encompass a broad range of biological functions and pathways, making this an ideal tool for exploratory studies aimed at EV protein signature, and new biomarker discovery studies.

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