Towards a more complete understanding of extracellular vesicles membrane protein composition

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) have been implicated in numerous biological processes and they may serve as important biomarkers. The ability to characterize membrane surface proteins from individual extracellular vesicles is instrumental in many areas of research, and would in advancing the use of extracellular vesicle detection as disease biomarkers.

Our Cancer Biology Characterization Panel is a high-throughput, multiplex immunoassay facilitating the analysis of 100+ EV membrane surface markers related to cancer biology across 96 samples simultaneously. Our panel offers an additional benefit of being able to be performed using minute sample volumes; all while, being subjected to Vesicode’s strict validation and QC control process. This high level of multiplexing is achieved without any compromise on data quality, mostly impart to our proprietary Proximity Barcoding Assay (PBA) technology.

The panel includes 100+ known cancer related membrane surface proteins that allows for profiling the composition of individual EVs. Thus, offering scientist an opportunity to stratify and characterize populations of EVs, which can be used as basis to evaluate their function and their diagnostic potential.

Panel Composition

The selection of the markers is designed to provide a highly specific assay, as well as to focus on proteins known to be on the surface membrane of cancer EVs. Categorization of the proteins included in the panel was carried out via referral to widely used public-access bio-informatics databases, including Uniprot and Human Protein Atlas. The 100+ proteins in the panel encompass a broad range of biological functions and pathways, making this an ideal tool for exploratory studies aimed at cancer EV protein signature, and new biomarker discovery studies.

Membrane cargo targets in Vesicode Cancer Biology Characterization Panel

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