Proximity Barcoding Assay

High throughput, multiplexed analysis of extracellular vesicles

Advanced profiling of extracellular vesicles

The innovative method used in our EVs surface protein detection panel allows for a high throughput, multiplex assay that simultaneously profiles over 100 surface proteins on individual extracellular vesicles using 1-2 microliter of serum, plasma, or other biological sample types. Here we will show you how our technology delivers this scale of multiplexing and sample throughput without compromising on data quality or assay robustness.

Vesicode's PBA Technology

The promotional video below illustrates our patented Proximity Barcoding Assay (PBA) technology which is used in our 100-plex immunoassay for profiling surface protein of EV. The animation explains the pioneering DNA-assisted, tag-specific immunoassay technology, which combined with next-generation sequence, offers a specific, scalable multiplexing and high throughput EV analysis. This technology allows for a better biological understanding of EVs, as well as furthers the possibility of EVs usefulness as potential biomarkers.

Overview of Vesicode's PBA technology

The essential parts of the assay are detailed below. DNA-conjugated antibodies, proximity probes, are incubated with the EVs in order to recognize the target molecules. The EVs and probe mixture is then incubated with micrometer sized DNA clusters, or rolling circle amplification (RCA) products, which is used to barcode the EVs. Through a PCR step, the protein information is combined in a DNA strand, and then decoded via next generation sequencing.

Library Prep
Clustering Analysis

Each of the over 100 DNA-conjugated antibodies contains a distinct DNA sequence containing a specific protein and molecule barcode, in order to differentiate individual molecules. Additionally, the complex barcode used for individual EV identification is generated via the proximal binding of the PBA probes and RCA products, which leads to the incorporation of the protein and molecule barcodes into the several hundred identical DNA copies present in each of the RCA products. Thus, the use of the three distinctively specific barcodes allows for quantification, and identification of surface protein composition on the EVs.

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